Atlanta, GA - Andrea Burns of Atlanta, Ga., has a unique plan to help the homeless.

She wants to build a small moveable house for herself while constructing shelters for others and operating a mobile food kitchen. “I aim to be one part of the solution and building this Tiny House is the first step,” Burns explained.

“This Tiny House will be my home, my mobile office and the model home used as an example of what I’d like to build for others. This will be a life-changing endeavor, and not just for me. I know it’s not a universal solution — but it is part of the solution.”

Living in the Tiny House will not only call attention to this new project but also enable Burns to reduce her living expenses to the extent where she can give back to others. Plus she can be mobile. “I can help out where I’m needed,” Burns said.

The Tiny House also serves as an example of the type of shelter that can be offered to the area’s homeless population.

“I've worked on Habitat houses, building remodels, cars, repaired and refinished furniture, so I know my way around a toolbox,” said Burns. “I’ve also studied my building plans, attended a builder’s workshop, compiled a list of the materials, fixtures, and tools I’ll need, and have taken a realistic look at how long this is going to take. It will take about 500 hours.”

Since she has a full-time job, Burns will be devoting time to this project on nights and weekends. She figures it will take about a year and around $25,000 worth of start-up capital. Expenses include tools, materials, appliances, trailer, plumbing and electrical work.

To generate this funding, Burns has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at . The Indiegogo page includes an actual plan for building the Tiny House.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $25, backers can get their names written on the frame of the Tiny House. A $100 contribution fetches a one-hour Skype call, explaining the project in detail. For $200, contributors receive a customized souvenir, such as a cap, poster, mug or tote bag.

“Let’s take care of our own, take care of each other, see what that looks like and go from there,” said Burns. “Helping the homeless is a project for all of us.”

For additional information, visit or contact Burns directly at [email protected]

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