Kimesha Coleman Tours North America Inspiring Teens and Women to Live a Better Life

Dallas -  June 24, 2016 -  Touching more than 5,000 teens and women, the Breaking the Silence tour is set to travel outside the Dallas/Ft Worth area beginning in June. The tour will start out of San Angelo, TX at the Concho Valley correctional facility for women and end in September in Atlanta, GA. Transformational Coach, Kimesha Coleman will share her remarkable journey of healing from abuse, abandonment and betrayal throughout the nation. Her mission of the tour is to educate, empower and celebrate individuals while helping them rebuild their self-confidence and trust.

On average each year there are over 1,000 women killed worldwide in the hands of an intimate partner or ex. For victims that survive physical domestic abuse there are psychological consequences such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder along with other effects including low self-esteem, job loss from absenteeism and substance abuse.

Coleman will be promoting awareness and educating individuals about dating violence, the effects of domestic violence on self-esteem, and decision making. The tour is outside the normal months of awareness bringing an up close connection with people with a real life survivor.

Breaking the Silence tour is a way of Coleman giving back which is why she is asking for your help with this tour. Coleman will be the keynote speaker targeting teen and youth groups, middle and high schools, colleges, churches, women support groups, conferences, juvenile and correctional facilities, and hospitals. As the author of "He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love", she shares techniques she personally utilized and will teach others how to increase their self-love. Join a story of hope and inspiration that gave clues of how to break free from toxic relationships, set boundaries, create self-love, and gather courage.

“If I could alleviate the obstacles by empowering teens and women with my story, then I have served my purpose,” Coleman said. “I want to be an inspiration and encourage them to never abandon themselves or their dreams.”

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