Beijing - Today, the widely known online supplier for Herbal extracts, plant extracts and other products which website is would tell people three kinds of natural food preservatives. However, with the development trend of people¡¯s seeking for the natural and health life, the natural food products such as natural food colors have became more and more popular. So, the knowing for this useful knowledge could help people have more security life in the future.

The first kind of natural food preservatives which the website wants to introduce with people is the allicin that is one kind of high efficiency natural food preservative. The allicin Shigella which has been contained in Garlic has had strong inhibitory and killing effect for some other pathogenic enteric bacteria and common food spoilage. This kind of function has made this become one kind of natural food preservative. The expert from website has already proved that the garlic could have effect with dozens of contaminated food common molds, yeasts and other fungi. The expert has already found that this kind of natural food preservative has contained the killing effect to these fungi. On the other hand, the corrosion resistance of this kind of natural food preservative is also the same with chemical preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

The second natural food preservatives are the essential oils. The essential oils are one of Herbal extracts and plant Herbal extracts extracts which is from the roots, bark, seeds or fruits of aromatic plants growing in tropical area. The essential oil is one of the most attractive natural food preservative in people¡¯s mind. In recent years, there are many research and report for the essential oil which has been regarded as food preservative. The study from the expert of website has found that clove oil could be used to against the Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, yeast, Aspergillus Niger and other foods. However, the outstanding feature of this kind of natural food preservative is the stronger inhibition of fungal.

The last kind of natural food preservatives is the tea Polyphenols. The experiments have shown that the tea polyphenols have a good physiological effect on the human body. However, it can clear the excess free radicals in people¡¯s body. On the other hand, it could also help to improve vascular permeability and enhanced the elasticity of vascular wall. However, this kind of natural food preservative could also help to reduce blood pressure, prevent blood sugar and promote the absorption of vitamins and assimilation.

Compared with the chemical preservatives, the natural products such as natural food plant extracts preservatives and Natural Food Additives have much more advantages for people¡¯s health and daily life. However, it would be the mainstream in the future.

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