China - Wedding dress may be idle after the wedding ceremony. So, brides need to regularly and correctly maintain their favorite Wedding Party Dresses. Maybe most of people have enough knowledge about the maintenance wedding dresses but the maintenance process omission or negligent points can make the wholly maintaining become failure. Today, the editor from famous Cheap Wedding Dresses online seller will take each reader to see the invisible killer in the maintenance process.

The first bogey and wrong concept should be the directly exposure and drying under the sun light. After the washing process, the wedding dresses could not be directly exposure under the sun otherwise the Plus Size Wedding Dresses will become brittle after exposure. On the other hand, the skirt edges, beads and decorative flowers will also easily drop. In the drying process, clothes surface should avoid direct sunlight as it will cause varying degrees of fineness clothes damage. The right way is that the wedding party dress should be dried in a cool and well ventilated place.

The second bogey is the damp and heat condition of the surrounding environment. The most badly place for the wedding dress storing should be the attic or basement. The former will fade the color of wedding dress and the heat can lead to situation of mildew.

The right way is that the wedding dresses should be kept in a cool and dry place such as the closet or under the bed. Putting into the Wedding gift box should be the most secure method but the wedding dress boutique gift box should be equipped with the desiccant and venting hole. Meanwhile, people should also use acid-free paper towel in every crease in the middle wedding dresses which could help to avoid being worn stitches and folds. Finally, people should also put on an outer protective bag outside of the box and then store them in a cool dry place to strengthen the dust resistance and dark ability.

The third bogey is the hung on the conventional hanger. The wedding dresses especially heavy wedding dress should be paid more attention in the storing process as these wedding dresses will become very heavy after the water soaking. In this case, conventional hanging will cause into the deformation of the wedding dresses. After long time of hanging, the wedding dress will produce vertical force body stretched even tear. The right approach is the tile drying after cleaning for wedding . After the drying process, the dress could be saved into the box. The big hoops of wedding dress can be reversed up for collection but people must recover the original shape of the hoop in every year’s regularly maintaining process.


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