Hong Kong - The factors which could lead to the damage and failure of the ABT Needle Roller Bearing could be varied. Today, the professional engineer from famous ABT roller bearing supplier and exporter which website is www.abtbearings.com will help people analyze all damaging factors for the needle roller bearing.

Generally speaking, there are 33.3% of ABT needle roller bearing are damaged by the fatigue and other sorts of damaging condition. Furthermore, there are 33.3 percent of the needle bearing¡¯s damage is by the poor lubrication condition and method. There are also other 33.3 percent of damaged needle roller bearing is result of the contaminants entering or other improper maintenance methods. The engineer from abtbearings.com has already concluded into some detailed factors about these adverse factors which could lead to the damage of the needle bearing.


Factory workers need to pay more attention to the cleaning of the dust of the bearing and the surrounding environment. The fine dust which is invisible should be the most terrible killer for the service life of the Supplier Of SKF Bearing . These invisible dusts can greatly increase the wear and tear, vibration and noise of the bearing in the operation process..


When the equipment is operating, the strong punching force will be continuously formed. The strong force will easily damage the outside or inside component of the needle roller bearings. On the other hand, the improperly repairing and adjustment method could also lead to the unimaginable damage of the needle roller bearing.

Adverse influence of the installation by the non-professional tools

If the installer uses appropriate and accurate installing tools and related equipments, the safety of the needle roller bearing will be largely guaranteed. However, people should try their best to avoiding the using of the short- fiber cloth and other familiar products. Whether the needle roller bearings are in the practice or testing laboratory, all people can clearly see that the needle roller bearing with the same appearance and same operating conditions but applying the different installing tools or methods will have a great difference in its effective life. The professional installation equipment and methods could largely ensure the long service life of the bearing products.

In summary, people should remember that there are three mainly factors which could largely determine the long or short of the Original FAG Bearing . These three factors are the outside environment, such as dust, temperature, humidity and others, working method of the equipment which the bearing will be installed and the installation process of the bearing. If the specialized employees could pay more attention to these points, the service life of the needle roller bearing will be fully guaranteed.

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