AusPol Confectionery Pty Ltd. recently launched three new different flavors of chocolate pretzels. The new flavors are salted, chocolate and sesame. Everyone loves pretzels, and with these new flavors the company hopes that the love for this ever delicious delight will only grow more.


As known to many people, pretzels are a favorite snack for both young and even adults. They have grown on to become one of the most favorite snacks in almost every part of the world. According to some facts, this popularity has been mainly because of the simple ingredients used in making pretzels as well as the unique original shapes. In fact, they are also slowly turning into a highly profitable addition in the menu of any business. Whether for personal consumption or as addition to product offers, will be more than willing to accommodate the orders. 


Basically, the AusPol Confectionery Pty Ltd. Factory is well-equipped and follows industry standards to prepare some of the best pretzels around. The products are carefully made in an approved facility to ensure that the customers get the best and the tastiest treats. The team behind the preparation process follows all the necessary regulations as notified by food authorities. The manufacturers also continue to say that they make use of the finest materials for packaging purposes, and only the premium ingredients. This makes the varieties of pretzels from Pretzel Twinnies purely safe for consumption.


Food experts declare that pretzels are a snack rich in fiber, zinc, iron and folate. In addition, they not only provide these nutrients but also have a low fat content as well. So, anyone can much on these treats without having to worry about gaining that extra weight. All in all, with every bite of any of the flavors of Pretzel Twinnies, a healthy snack and moments of pure deliciousness are guaranteed. For more details go to



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