Beijing, China; 24, October 2015: China Created Simulation Technology boasts of its technological excellence of bringing the brand-new dynamic dome theater in the world. This new path-breaking simulation technology features the best vision effect, an exciting theater experience, the best circarama dynamic cinema and an entertainment with interactive functions.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the Dynamical Dome Cinema is a cognitive concept that importantly reflects the three technological advancements, viz. flexible dynamic platform, interactive electric guns and carefully designed operating systems. According to him, this circular screen cinema brings the most dynamic visual experience with the motion dimension feature. The company’s engineers and technical experts have worked in tandem to create a unique entertainment experience that people will always appreciate.

The spokesperson maintains that with their amazing 4D Cinema, they allow the quickest return on investment to their customers with the lowest requirement on the site, which significantly reduces the operation cost. Moreover, it features the latest technology that can simply appeal to the modern entertainment seekers. It also features the simplest installation and brings the most dynamic and interactive entertainment experience for the public. Huge screens with flexible and dynamic platforms help popularize dynamic dome theater very quickly for a higher ROI in a short span of time.

With their new simulation technology, they are all set to redefine the Motion Cinema. Besides an easy installation, it is easy to assemble and reassemble, allowing to convert the circarama cinema into a mobile cinema. The mobile cinema is a new technological innovation in the field of the motion picture entertainment and thus has a huge potential for customers around the world.

The spokesperson reveals that its operating system offers a stable performance that shields customers in case of any operational risk that may arise from a system error. They, however, offer different types of pre- and post-purchase services to address customer needs and eliminate any concern that customers might have. Customers can learn more about this new dynamic cinema technology by visiting the website

About China Created Simulation Technology Corp. Ltd:

CCST has begun to develop the professional simulation equipment in 1997, dedicating to the pursuit of the best product, service and the lowest price. After almost 20 years of growth, CCST boasts numerous successful cases around the world and accumulates rich experience. The company’s flagship products include the circarama mobile dynamic cinemas, multipurpose simulators, and time machines, each of which leads the world.

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