Thrills GaloreThis Week in Gravity Falls


Adventure, mystery and now trickery, this town surely has it all! There is never a dull moment in Gravity Falls. When Dipper and Mabel discover that their seemingly cherubic neighbour, Lil' Gideon, happens to be the town's adored psychic, they are thrilled. After all, having a psychic for a friend seems to be quite exciting! But when Lil' Gideon guiltsMabel into dating him, she and Dipper soon learn that his cuteness can fade all too quickly.


What has Mabel done to feel so guilty? What does Lil’ Gideon do to make him seem so unlikeable to the twins?


To find out watch Gravity Falls on Disney Channel,thisMonday, October 7, 2013 at 6.30 pm.




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