Many people are quite fussy about how they look in a pair of sunglasses. They'll put on pair after pair, and then walk away in total frustration, having failed to find the perfect look. For me personally, I find it really irritating. Tifosi sunglasses manufacturers seem to have heard the prayers of angst ridden, nit-picky shoppers. Then again, closer inspection shows that there might be many reasons, for sunglasses priced anywhere from $35 to $200 , that it is sensible to seek as many Tifosi sunglasses discounts as possible.

Tifosi likely has the greatest variety of styles, shapes, and singular use choices; they even offer varying sizes to fit the face, one of the leading considerations of persnickety purchasers. It's about time companies acknowledged that some people, like yours truly, have a broader face. Nothing is more unpleasant than a pair of ill-fitting sunglasses (except maybe being thrown from a 40-story building... I could be exaggerating, but it is still actually aggravating). Picking between the blinding (pun intended) headaches due to crammed temples, and pinched ears, or one induced by the glaring sun is no easy task. The same level of frustration holds true for people with a narrow face constantly compelled to push their glasses from the tip of their nose to the bridge where they fit in; until, of course, they feel a powerful, frequent need to gesture to others in a vulgar way made ever so slightly less tactless by feigned subtlety. Even though I honestly don't see how it will be worth spending big bucks for a pair of nice sunglasses if the only objective in wearing an uncomfortably large pair is to thumb their nose at people in a way which probably won't even be noticed, but to each his own. Irrespective of the desire to avoid a headache, or intentionally be a headache to others, website descriptions easily label the perfect face type to help customers avoid the problem of finding after the fact that they've chosen the wrong style. Knowing the length that many will go to in trying on a million different pairs, having this type of basic information before committing to a purchase could be invaluable.

In reading the descriptions, I was a little baffled. Many of the selections feature interchangeable lenses having various degrees of protection, and visibility: Smoke Red w/Glareguard for ultra bright situations, AC Red for moderate light, and Clear for low/no light are a few of the choices. According to the company's site, "Interchangeable sunglasses offer decentered shatterproof polycarbonate lenses to nearly eliminate distortion, give sharp peripheral vision, and offer 100% safety from harmful UVA/UVB rays, pests, rocks, or whatever you come across..." That being the case, I would choose it if Tifosi sunglasses offered 100% protection from rocks and bugs entering my mouth, also, but I think you can't have everything for a mere hundred bucks.

The Tifosi golf sunglasses collection features interchangeable lenses that, as per the website, provide these extra advantages (I feel): "The Tifosi Optics?"? GT?"? lens tint features "object illumination," which improves your ability to pick up a ball in flight by providing a balance of target and background brightness" available in "interchangeable designs and as a Fototec lens." Thus, the interchangeable lenses are more of a do-it-yourself option, while the Fototec lenses automatically adjust to changing conditions, however, neither of these options are similar to Tifosi polarized sunglasses, however seriously, you will pretend you didn't see this coming a mile away a few types can be purchased with Fototec Polarized lenses that, " combine the glare lowering properties of polarized lenses with Variable Tint feature of Fototec (T-VP).

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