JAKARTA - Traveloka.com is a top search engine and flight booking website that offers online flight ticket booking services in accordance to the dynamic needs of users. With its operation based in Jakarta, Indonesia, the website offers a trusted online platform to buy flight tickets, search information about various flight destinations and schedules. The website also publishes reviews and profile information on Indonesia-based prominent airline companies.

The website shares information about one of the low-cost airlines in Indonesia, Tigerair Mandala (known earlier as Mandala Airlines). The airline company was launched in the year 1969 by the Foundation of Strategic Reserve. More than 40 year-experience in the aviation industry has enabled this company to offer quality and reliable airline services to specific client groups. As stated by the company's PR Manager, “Tigerair Mandala recognizes its feeble position as second-option airline that people opt for when a more desirable option is no longer available. However, this is going to change soon as we are planning to venture to become a first-option airline in LCC segment”.

As a popular flight booking site, Traveloka.com shares data related to 3 months of internal sales of Tigerair Mandala and other prominent low-fare airline AirAsia Indonesia. “Early in May 2013, the number of AirAsia's seats booked through Traveloka.com reached around 1.400. Meanwhile, Tigerair Mandala's seats have been booked by 22% less,” added the company spokesman. Traveloka.com registered an increased ticket sales by 500% by AirAsia whereas Tigerair Mandala registered a ticket sales increase by only 170%. The fleet quantity owned by AirAsia is rather 3 times more than Tigerair Mandala.

Tigerair Mandala registered a lower number of booking by 1.128 seats through Traveloka.com during the month of July. The online booking site predicts that the total sales of Tigerair Mandala will increase further since more people have identified the new profile as a promising venture. Tigerair Mandala employs a modern design with an objective to draw the attention of young consumer groups. The company focuses more on interaction through social media platforms.

To know more details about Tigerair Mandala, visit http://traveloka.com/tigerair-mandala

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