29, October 2016: AeroGo, Inc. has hired Tim Maguire to join the Senior Management Team in the position of Director of Operations. Tim will serve as the focal point for the manufacturing operations of AeroGo products including hovercraft, wheeled vehicles, power drives and Aero-Casters at the headquarters facility. Tim brings a wealth of operations and plant management expertise from prior positions held in aerospace, production materials, nuclear, and the military.

As Director of Operations, Tim will work alongside the Director of Customer Service to ensure continued compliance with ISO, CE, and ASME manufacturing processes. He will employ his vast ERP knowledge to the processes in the shop. "I am motivated to enhance efforts at cost reduction while we add value to the business by developing new opportunities." John Massenburg, President and CEO welcomes Tim, "We are pleased that Tim decided to join our team right when we start to celebrate our 50th anniversary. He brings considerable experience and enthusiasm to this position. He will be integral to our continued success."

Tim can be reached at [email protected]

About AeroGo:

Founded in 1967, AeroGo manufactures innovative load moving equipment utilizing wheels and hovercraft technology to move heavy, awkward, or delicate loads. Companies large and small benefit from a worldwide dealer network, experienced product specialists, and skilled engineers. AeroGo specializes in working with customers to identify heavy load moving solutions that are safe, efficient and cost-effective. The company’s engineers are responsible for all engineering, design, technical documentation and project management functions. New program drawings are generated on CAD workstations. Worldwide support network includes regional managers and distributors. The Engineering Department also provides technical support to customers, subcontractors and other AeroGo departments. AeroGo is an ISO compliant manufacturer with over 45,000 square feet of aluminum and steel fabrication, mechanical and electrical assembly onsite at the Seattle headquarters location.

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