Specializing in manufacturing and marketing various antibacterial and alkaline water medical devices, Biocera has made the users of its products more conscious about the contaminants of normal tap water and the necessity to use clean water.

It is easier to obtain clear drinking water by using filters and purchasing bottled water, but another area of focus should be on the water we use to bathe in. For that Biocera provides a perfect solution to our problem. Normal shower water, just like normal drinking water, contains various chemicals like chlorine which can severely affect our skin and hair. Installing the best shower filter can both protect our health besides improving our beauty. Biocera, known to be the leading manufacturer of water-activating ceramic balls also produces shower head filters which are way cheaper than similar other products available in the market.

Priced at such low rates, it will just cost a few pennies to improve the general well-being of customers. Needless to mention, the installation is nothing but a cakewalk, even for new users. Biocera’s shower head filters replace the existing shower head. The previous shower head just needs to be unscrewed and the new one popped in. It does not even require a plumber or a mechanic to fix the thing. Customers may have used various types of shower filters, but the one from Biocera is simply amazing.

When the hair is washed in shower containing chlorine or other toxic chemicals, the protein and the delicate cuticles of the hair gets damaged. The hair remains coated in chlorinated water and eventually it gets tangled and all messed up. Simply changing to Biocer’s softening shower filters will reverse the process and add years of shine and radiance to your hair. The healthy minerals and potassium is retained in the water when you use shower filters as also the pH balance. This will ensure better bondage of the hair products used and give out the best possible result. It also provides protection to the skin and lungs to a great extent.

About the company: Established in 1994, Biocera has been one of the most sought after companies for environment-friendly products, be it air, water or antibacterial. It seeks to ensure a better future for the present as well as the future generation. Being a leading producer of water medical devices and water-activating ceramic balls, Biocera also takes part in international fairs and seminars to explore the global marketplace in a broader way. Dr. Jeon, Hyoung-Tag and the employees has been working round the clock to provide a healthier and happier future to mankind.
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