30, December 2014: Overseas holidays are going to be even more popular this year than last year, according to research from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA). Over 12 million people are planning to go on a winter break this year, and the same amount of people are still considering their plans.

According to the research, winter holidays are most popular among those aged 25-34 years old, of whom 27% said they would definitely go on one. The over 65s were also more likely to go on a winter break, with 24% saying they have plans.

With the growing popularity of winter breaks, insurance experts have advised travellers to remember to take out suitable individual or family travel insurance policies to cover them when they are overseas.

Medical care abroad can be expensive, and the EHIC does not provide the more comprehensive care provided by private policies. For that reason, families should take out comprehensive family travel insurance, which should be specific to the type of holiday they are planning. For example, those planning a winter sports holiday should invest in a policy that covers them for the types of activities they plan to enjoy.

The ABTA listed some of the top destinations for winter sun, including Morocco, the Canary Islands and further-away destinations like the Maldives and Thailand, among others. But in addition to the 43% of people going on holiday saying they will escape to the sun, 18% have said they will go on a winter sports holiday.

Winter sports are particularly popular with younger travellers, and people in the 16-24 age group are the most likely to go on one. Indeed, of all the 16-24 year olds going on holiday, 39% are going on a winter sports holiday, with the most popular resorts being in Italy, France and Austria.

Experts warn, though, that individuals and families embarking on winter sports holidays should remember to take out individual or family travel insurance that is specific to winter sports, to ensure they are fully protected while on their break.

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