June 21, 2016 — “Tinderification” has turned online dating culture into the world’s most absurd meat market, where we are all packaged and presented as objects for sale. Swiping to make snap judgments on photos tells us nothing about the person behind the image.  We would never enter into any other kind of relationship this way—not friends, potential hires, or even a plumber—so why have we allowed this to become standard practice in dating? Meanwhile, numerous reports have reported that loneliness has doubled in the last decade. Is it really any surprise?

It’s time to fight the absurd with the absurd.

MeatFace is a radical and creative social campaign to turn Tinder literally into the meat market it is. It uses a face-detection algorithm to automatically superimpose a giant steak over selfies, so people can change their Tinder profile pics to these sizzling T-bone MeatFaces:

MeatFace uses humor to call out the dehumanizing objectification in a space where people are seeking romance, physical intimacy, and real connections, and call for a better way to start relationships based on meaningful context and conversation.

MeatFace goes live worldwide Tues June 21st at www.meatface.me

MeatFace is a bicoastal creative collaboration between Seattle-based Siren, the first dating app designed specifically around thoughtful interactions, and New York-based experimental marketing company Hello Velocity. Both teams were founded by artists, using media for cultural change in our digital age.

Siren (http://www.siren.mobi/), cofounded by two women of color, is setting out to Fight the Swipe with a more organic approach to online dating, where vulnerability, honesty, intrigue, and laughter are ingredients for real chemistry. Siren partnered with Durex on an ad campaign that reached 37M viewers, beat out Alaska Airlines and Starbucks to win Geekwire’s App of the Year in 2015, and will be featured on the upcoming season of PBS reality series StartUp, where Siren’s members have shared inspiring success stories.

Hello Velocity (http://www.hellovelocity.com/) is an artist collective that uses marketing as its medium. It is best known for its viral celebrity meat campaign, BiteLabs, which garnered 485K page views, 12M Twitter impressions, 5M Facebook impressions, 136K Google search results, and articles in 16+ languages.

Siren and Hello Velocity work together to amplify human relationships, not isolate and dehumanize. Together, we believe people are #MoreThanMeat.

Susie Lee, CEO Siren
[email protected]
Submitted by: Jamie White
Company: Jamie PR
New York, USA