Knoxville, TN — Olive oil is an essential ingredient for many culinary dishes and comes in different grades including pure and extra virgin. The average consumer struggles to find quality olive oil given the multitude of refined products and tricks used by substandard manufacturers.

The Huffington Post reports that some producers cut their olive oils with hazelnut or safflower in an effort to increase profits. They refine the mixed oils to cover up any changes in flavor making it hard for consumers to know the difference. This practice reduces the health benefits associated with pure or extra virgin olive oil, and some argue it degrades the integrity of the manufacturing process.

There are specific things to consider when selecting and purchasing olive oil. The Huffington Post recommends six tips for the selection process: (1) identify the oil’s country of origin, (2) look for the harvest date, (3) evaluate seals of approval, (4) perform smell and taste tests, (5) take it back if it is bad, and (6) consider domestic brands. It takes a keen eye to ensure oil olive is of the appropriate grade and quality.

Avanti Savoia specializes in Italian ingredients and gourmet foods. The company offers a wide selection of quality olive oils for customers to choose from. These products are thoroughly screened by company personnel to help ensure customers receive only the finest oils. A full list of Avanti Savoia’s products is available via the following link:

For further information on Avanti Savoia and gourmet Italian ingredients, please call toll-free 1 (800) 213-2927. There is no better place for consumers to find quality olive oils at affordable prices.

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