A silver collar necklace is a wonderful fashion accessory which will stun and thrill high fashion and ordinary friends. The choke collar style is a close-fitting necklace which is worn close to the neck and commonly high up on the neck.

Some people prefer something which is simple, whilst some prefer a highly decorate version that will exhibit their unique and individual character. Despite of the style you select, a collar necklace is bound to raise eyebrows as well as delight the crowds.

Learn Tips For Making The Perfect Choke Collar Necklace

Lots of people interested in chokers and collars attempt creating their own, at least once in their lifetimes. This can be a wonderful way at sampling the collar trend.

The first step for making a choke collar is finding the perfect "ingredients." These might consist of several materials like:

Velvet beads.

Plastic parts.

Metal tips.


Yarn or wires.

You'd Never Guess How Simple It Is

Chokers can be crafted from a variety of materials, and in a wide variety of ways, depending on the persona preferences of the crafter. Some people prefer to make chokers using leather, metal or sequins. Several prefer elegant chokers for a ball, while others prefer a simple pendant.

To make your very own:

Evaluate the center of your neck in which you wish to wear your very own collar jewelry.

Add a couple inches to this measurement.

Measure out the right amount of wire using the measurements from your neck adding a small amount for give, and then filing down the area you cut so it will be smooth and not sharp.

Create a catch along the ends of the wire so you have a ball and also catch type closure by bending the other end of the wire using a ? inch loop with a plier; you will need an open and closed loop system.

You would then have to make a circular shape by bending the wire around a circular shape such as a coffee can.

You can also create a collar necklace using a flexible wire from a bead shop. This could be a good first step for someone that is not experienced with making any sort of necklace, or for a person that wants to create something which has movement to it.

Oftentimes a flexible necklace has a lot of appeal to it.

You may simply measure the proper amount of wire around the collar region of the neck. You can knot one end of the wire, and slip the appropriate amount of beads including glass beads or other attractive items onto the wire. Then you can affix a closure onto the proper ends of the wire and slip the collar on and off as you wish.

A lot of people choose taking a class to learn how to create chokers. There are numerous classes at local bead shops that teach people how to make necklaces. There are also numerous free online classes that teach people how to make chokers and other fun necklaces.

Discover The Fun And Excitement Of The Collar Trend

The collar necklace trend is once again hot. It is not precisely the same as a choker but very similar adding just the perfect amount of hip to your hop. The necklace can be worn with any kind of fashion accessory, from a t-shirt to a dress to shorts and also a tank top.

Another thing that's coming back into style that is a bit girly but also fun and sophisticated is the peter pan collar necklace. This up-to-date collar necklace jewelry, popular at places like asos that provides a peter pan dress, and forever 21 that provides a peter pan blouse top paired with a skirt that gives a little pizazz to any outfit.

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