Similar to almost all types of appliances, steam mop is available in many different models and shapes. To help people buy the right steam mop, a website provides useful tips on finding good steam mop.

(March 24, 2014) - With a great number of options in the market, being a smart buyer is the key to get the best steam mop for the best price. The main problem with such popular household appliance is that there are plenty of manufacturers producing the same type of products but with different quality. Some products are even very cheap merely to attract potential buyers, but the price is actually a trade off for many good things.

From all features possibly exist on a steam mop unit, you should pay attention mostly to the size of water tank, how to refill it, and the available controls. A large water tank allows you to keep on steaming until you cover a considerably wide area before you have to refill it again. Good quality product will provide a large water container to carry enough water for at least 45 minutes of continuous cleaning.

Another thing to put into account is how to refill the tank. A built-in reservoir is very interesting indeed, but it is not as good as its removable counterpart. When the reservoir is a built-in part of the main unit, you may need to use a cup and funnel to refill it. A removable tank is therefore more convenience. You need to detach it from the steam mop and bring it to a sink indeed, but it is easier to take only the reservoir rather than an entire steam mop unit.

Ease of use is one of the most important things, meaning the steam mop has to have least variable steam control. It allows you to choose a specific amount of steam output to clean any particular stain. For example, you don’t have to use full power to clean dust from the floor, but you can use it to get rid of coffee stain.

Jose W. Hadibowo, a steam mop expert, also explains that long power cord is better for convenience. It gives good range for homeowner without having to unplug the wire too often. Having been in the steam mop industry for years, he knows well enough that a built-in power switch makes this appliance more versatile as well. It only turns on when user wants to apply steam to the dirt so it is more energy efficient. He also suggests that you should read steam mop reviews( and try to operate the steam mop before buying to get some ideas about the handling, balance, swiveling head, and handle-length.

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