People around the world confess to finding the mystery to how to keep your hair healthy, many swear by batteries of chemical products while others want no more than mashed bananas or mayonnaise. Seems like there is always a fad that is "the" thing that assures how to keep your hair healthy and thick. The trouble with having your tresses in braids is that many of the conventional hair remedies are impossible to use, strongly braided hair cannot have gloppy mixtures combed through or perhaps washed out therefore it is important that the hair is kept healthy in other ways. Preserving braids healthy takes many precautions as well as treatment options while the hair is braided if you wish to keep your hair luscious.

The initial step in how to keep your hair strong and growing while wearing braids will be to make sure you are keeping them clean. When your braids include extensions shampooing or washing could ruin them when done incorrectly. Your hair is already shielded by the braiding process when it is done properly so the weak point is the new growth at the top of the braid in which joins the scalp. Though many will argue it is important to shampoo the hair daily which will make it actually grow faster. This little trick of how to make your hair grow faster might sound silly when you don't want to keep re-braiding your hair however it is necessary if you wish to keep the hair clean and healthy. It is also essential if you possibly might get affected with fleas or perhaps head lice in your day-to-day activities as these parasites love unclean hair. You will find special dry shampoos for braids however these are not as effective. Massage the shampoo into the scalp to induce the hair follicles yet sponge off the braids rather than rubbing them to prevent damage to the hair strands. When you have washed your braids be sure you dry them completely. As disgusting as it might sound it is possible for the hair to actually rot within the braid if it is left damp for long periods of time which causes an unpleasant smell and worse the loss of your locks. Use an absorbent towel to squeeze the braids dry and thus remove any water before intending to put any products into your hair. You can utilize a hair dryer but yet this can cause more damage than good while your curls is braided so it is best avoided. Though it might be tempting to utilize oily products, how to keep hair healthy and shiny while in braids is really to avoid any items containing oils. An excessive amount of oil in braided hair can cause matting which will require the hair to be cut out and removed as a result.

Aside from being thorough in your washing process it is very important protect your hair while you sleep. If you need to know how to keep your hair nourishing and long while in braids you should be mindful of situations which will cause the strands to break. When sleeping your head rubs against the pillow that can pull strands from the braids and likely break them, leaving your braids frayed and tatty. The best way to avoid damage to your hair while you sleep is to buy a sleep cap or wrap. These are available for a few dollars either at local grocery chains like Walmart, or maybe at places like Dollar outlets.

how to keep your hair healthy