Riding with standing-posture is a unique way of commuting compared with many traditional alternative transports, and is beneficial to those people who spend all day sitting in house and lack of physical exercises. In fact, riders have experienced enormous happiness through riding with standing-posture scooters, especially for single-wheeled electric scooters that entertain young riders a lot. Therefore, some riders may wonder why Airwheel A3 two-wheeled electric scooter is designed with sitting-posture -a traditional accclly way of riding again. The reason for the design is exactly to satisfy varied needs of different groups of riders.

In spite of riding comforts, the sitting-posture of Airwheel A3 self-balancing scooter is aimed at realizing long-distance travels. Riders may feel pleasurable during relatively short trips with standing-posture riding, however, they will unavoidably feel uncomfortable and tired if keeping standing posture for a long travel. That’s why Airwheel A3 is born to solve the problem.

Comparatively, Airwheel A3 is more suitable for those riders who want to keep away from physical tiredness and love relaxing way of commuting. Similar with those standing-posture scooters, A3 is controlled intelligently by rider’s back and forth leaning, besides, riders are able to keep a comfortable sitting posture since the scooter is designed in accordance with ergonomics. Instead of keeping upright while riding, Airwheel A3 riders can easily take a long-distance travel since the entire riding experience is more labor-saving and carefree. Generally, Airwheel A3 is a prior choice for those female and elder riders who prefer to ride with more comforts and guaranteed safety.

Admittedly, there are still many riders who are inclined to keep standing-posture riding due to the entertainment from the riding experience. Actually, both standing and sitting posture riding are of great importance to people’s life, and it is a matter of choosing which one would fits them well. A3’s sitting posture design is not a retreat to traditional riding model, but aims to cater for diversified needs. Maybe there will be an integrated model which supports both standing and sitting posture in the near future.

Mr. Tang
Airwheel electric scooter brand
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