06, July 2015: Tom Antos, a famous director, cinematographer and visual effects artist, runs his own website for teaching people filmmaking skills. Tom’s professional experience ranges from large Hollywood productions like "Bait" and "Everyone's Hero" to small budget DIY projects. On his website, Tom always writes instructions for new filmmakers, and demonstrates some good short DIY video cuts. Recently Tom Antos recommended Airwheel intelligent self-balancing unicycles on his website as the device that frees your hands to hold your camera for shooting the moving cars, running people, or some scenes alike. He thought Airwheel unicycles are typically useful to small budget DIY projects. 


In his introduction, Tom commented that Airwheel electric unicycles are very easy to be controlled. “The operation is simple...To move forward, you lean forward. To move back, you lean back”, and you only need to spend 1 hour before you are ready to ride the unicycle without the training wheels that keep you balanced. Though Tom is a skateboarder at the same time, it will only take new unicycle learners several hours to learn the riding skills. Its riding skills are very user-friendly. 

Finally Tom concluded that a 3-axis camera gimbal under the camera will be the perfect device for small budget DIY movie projects. The gimbal will make the camera steady and the Airwheel unicycle will free your hands. So in your own movie project you are able to shoot moving objects, like moving cars and running people, in a long distance. 

Airwheel Scooter1

As Tom asked: “why walk when you can roll”. While making movies with Airwheel electric unicycles, your work progress is smoother. In your daily life Airwheel electric scooters will be your best friends in your travel. For example, in weekdays you take out your Airwheel intelligent scooters and ride them to your office. You will have no relationship with the endless traffic jam. Also in the weekend you plan an excursion, and head out of the city for a happy short travel with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Then in a good afternoon you ride your Airwheel scooters and play with your pet dog. Airwheel can also be your best equipment. What about the x-sports? The top-quality of Airwheel intelligent scooters is waiting for your “torture”. 

Tom Antos really gives us the inspiration of innovative usages of Airwheel scooters. So what is your creation in riding Airwheel scooters? 

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