20, October 2016: Reverse lookup is the way of using a figure to retrieve a unique component in an array. Applications of reverse lookup normally include reverse Domain Name System (DNS) lookup, which usually provides the main name associated with a particular IP address and a reverse telephone directory, which show the name of the people or entity associated with a specific telephone number. While most reverse DNS entries only have one pointer recorder, DNS does not usually restrict the number. Having many PTR records for the same IP address is not recommended unless there is a specific need. The main function of reverse lookup is to return all records of all types known to the name server. If the named server does not have any information on the name, the request will be forwarded on. The records returned may not be complete.

Reverse phone number look up helps in quick verification of the identity of unknown callers through quick internet search and there are several websites provide a free reverse number lookup, but it's important to remember that you must insist to get what you pay for. The information from free sites normally are sketchy or nonexistent at worst so normally If you want genuine information you must visit reverse phone detective which will help you trace any phone number, whether land line or mobile, and verify the name and address of the number's owner. And the benefits does not stop there Members of reverse phone detective not only get unlimited access to reverse phone look ups but also detect the users of the phone number in question.

Reverse phone lookup normally assist in searching the person who usually calls you and you don’t know his or her identity. You may not be sure whether to answer the caller but through reverse phone lookup you can easily locate the person you should not miss an important phone call again because there is reverse phone lookup service for you to know the person who calls you. It used to be impossible to check the identity of a cell phone user but now with the internet it is easier to know by subjecting the number to reverse phone lookup.

Reverse cell number lookup helps to access the details of any mobile number which called you by using a reliable paid service that has records of over millions of mobile and landline users in its database. If you really want to find out the name and address of the person behind the mobile number then this is the right choice. Even though it is not possible to trace the number back to the caller using the free services, it is possible to trace it to the location of the caller and also find the network operator through reverse cell number lookup. All you need for this is only the first 4-digit of the mobile number and you will find the mobile number which called you based on mobile operator and the zone (state/city). This method is the best in the world for people to use in tracing the identity of the persons which call them.

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