Public relation is often times confused with advertising. Although they are both forms of promotion but the entity they promote is what makes them different. Advertising simply means to promote a service or a product so that more and more people buy it and thus the revenue of the company increases. On the other hand, public relation is improving the image of the company itself in the eyes of the people. It is responsible for generating more and more trust in the general public regarding the company itself. 

Albuquerque Business First has come out with its list of top advertising and public relations companies this week in the New Mexico region. For full and comprehensive list of the ad agencies and public relations firms in Albuquerque, N.M. you can take a look at the directory submission in Moving forward with the lists in hand, the public relations list has been prepared according to the number of employees the firm has and Albuquerque Business First has employed the same criterion for the creation of the top advertising agency list. 

The list regarding the public relation firms includes number of live accounts, notable clients, public relations percentage in total business, billings of the year 2012 and services offered also. Just like the public relations, the advertising agency list contains capitalized billings of the past year, advertising’s percentage in the revenue, noteworthy clients, etc. The issue by the Albuquerque Business First also contains the interviews with the head honchos of the ad agencies as well as the public relation firms.