26, October 2015: The advent of Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard stirs up a heat wave in skateboard sector. Within a very short time, Airwheel M3 has received lots of consumers and also has achieved excellent sales volume. However, few users know how to give Airwheel M3 the best protection. Then, the following paragraphs are willing to share several useful maintenance tips for it.


The core parts, such as battery device, intelligent self-balancing chips, high-elasticity TPU damping unit and automatic steering-sensor system, are installed under the board. Therefore, carefully protecting all these parts plays the key role in keeping the normal working efficiency and prolonging the useful life of Airwheel M3 electric skateboard. First of all, Airwheel M3 skateboard should stay away from water, or those components will be damaged and even dysfunctional. On the one hand, it needs special attention during cleaning process. If Airwheel M3 is stained by dusts, the soft wet towel can be used to clean it. On the other hand, users had better not skate it in the rainy or snowy days.


Charging Airwheel M3 skateboard also should be very carefully. Airwheel M3 skateboard is equipped with advanced Japan-made SONY lithium-ion battery. Besides protecting it from water, charging Airwheel M3 with original plug and socket can lengthen the battery’s working life and efficiency to the best. Meanwhile, the charging process had better be uninterrupted. The abrasion condition of tyres should be checked at regular period. Although the tyres of Airwheel M3 enjoy strong wear resistance, skating on different road conditions for a long time may cause abrasions of different degrees. In addition, the connecting parts between board and other elements are easy to loosen, which may directly threaten personal safety once they are separate. The last but not the least, Airwheel M3 skateboard should be stored in dry and ventilating place.

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