United States of America; 19, December 2014: Designer lights are much in vogue for dressing up the modern décor. Various types of lights are crafted in various designs to attract the modern customers. Topson Lighting is an online distributor of contemporary lights at a very reasonable price. Their website www.topsonlighting.com has all types of lights that can be purchased at a low price to add more beauty to a house or commercial work place.

The store deals in luxurious lights that are shaped in various forms and can be installed across variable places. The lights come in different power depending on the choice of the buyer and illuminate the place ideally. The long lasting filament and product potential are well looked into by the light makers. Designer lights are also available from reputed brands that are also given at a cheaper price.

The buyers can select from a vast range of table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and designer lamps. The lampe gras 210 is also a popular product from Topson Lighting. The product from the brand wagon of Bernard Albin can be used for numerous purposes. The wall lamp can be used for office purposes or industrial work places. It can also be used for personal residential use as the lights have a smart making potential. It has long arms, well made brackets, sturdy stems and a stiff base. It makes the light very high in utility and makes it a favorite for the buyers for commercial projects. The arms are adjustable and can be sized according to preference so that the right falls on the right places. The arms are minimum L 49cm/maximum L 76cm and the small coherent arm is L 20cm. The fixation degree is H 13cm with a bulb of 1*E14- ESL 11Wd.

The company also distributes various kinds of serge mouille spider lamp that has three different types of arm lamps. The lamp is ideal to be fitted on the ceilings to illuminate the rooms perfectly. The arms can be of brass, steel or aluminum quality with adjustable rotating features. The lamps from this product come in various models and separate designs. The lamps are cheap in pricing and the buyers can check the different models from their website catalog. The gross weight of the lamp is 6 kg and height of 41 cm.

The products are free shipped to various parts of the world the products are dispatched within 3 days from placing of order. The company also sells odeon glass fringe that is purchased heavily from the Topson Lighting store. The lights are well designed and have a good quality usage across all their products.

About Topson Lighting:

Website: www.topsonlighting.com

Topson Lighting is a reputed online distributor of many types of lights. The products are shipped for bulk buyers and the delivery is done in quick succession days. Their website www.topsonlighting.com can be browsed to check their products list and price schemes.