19, December 2014: Public awareness is exemplary in both preventative care and disease treatment. ‘We can care for our animals as a community. In veterinary medicine it isn’t just pets that receive treatment; it is also animals rendered at shelters, homeless animals and animals in transition from one home to another.’ Dr. Chou, a Toronto resident, is an expert in this field as she has worked in emergency veterinary medicine, neurology, critical care and has donated much of her time to animal shelters such as the Humane Society.

Animal health-awareness is a growing theme among the public as more and more social media posts about the welfare of pets and non-pets goes viral. From dogs being left in hot cars in the spring and summer to being left in the cold outdoors through the winter, veterinary clinics have seen a rise in problems over the past few years. The public is doing an excellent job at circulating information but without a lot of direction and advice many people find themselves feeling a little helpless when they do encounter issues.

This is only one example of many in showing that public education in the care of dogs, cats and the like is needed. Dr. Chou is working to tackle this issue head on. She is in the process of speaking at many venues throughout the GTA over the 2014/2015 period. She believes that this is an excellent way to bring a better sense of health and wellbeing to some much needed care and she is taking the public along for the ride.

From presentations for the public to Youtube vlogs, she is going to be covering every aspect of care from teaching pet owners basic skills to showing people how to help in an emergency situation. Her practical approach and down-to-earth style makes her an exceptional candidate to spread some important concepts in a way that people can understand.

‘Individuals are our first line of care. There aren’t really animal-ambulances or a lot of community resources other than clinics and some emergency departments for animals and so teaching the public how to safely care for their pets and the non-pets they come into contact with is crucial. We need to create a safer world for humans and pets alike. Information, education and initiative are the ways of the future…’

Dr. Chou’s public presentations have been vlogged and can be viewed at www.tomobilevet.com or Toronto Mobile Veterinary Services Youtube Channel.

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Dr.Tina Chou