07, January 2015: Travellers planning to visit Iceland in search of the famous Northern Lights in early 2015 are in for an extra treat, with a rare total solar eclipse set to occur on March 20th. Top specialist tour companies, such as the renowned Aurora Nights, advise that this once in a lifetime opportunity should not be missed by anyone with an interest in these two very different, yet equally fascinating natural events. 

Two Events for the Price of One 

While the eclipse will be visible from parts of Europe, Africa and Asia, with experts predicting that, from vantages in Iceland, viewers will be able to experience around 98% coverage of the solar eclipse, there’s little doubt this is the place to be. Northern Lights specialist tour operator Aurora Nights have crafted several itineraries designed so travellers can take advantage of not only optimal opportunities to view the Northern Lights, but also experience the event of the total solar eclipse in the safest and most successful way. 

Occurring when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, experts say a total eclipse happens at any given site only about once every 360 years. (March 20th is also the Northward Equinox — signalling the first time the sun rises in the North Pole for six months.) For travellers interested in seeing the incredible Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), the opportunity to travel to Iceland to experience the phenomenon at the same time as such a rare event as a total solar eclipse is one not to be passed up. 

Representatives from Northern Lights specialist tour operator Aurora Nights say their clients will be able to experience the solar eclipse with the guidance of a highly trained local astrologist, using telescopes and specialised eclipse glasses (necessary for safety). As is well known, experts say it is highly unadvisable to look directly at the sun during an eclipse, as the risk of incurring damage to the retina is high. 

In light of the rarity of this event, those wishing to travel to Iceland to experience the Northern Lights and the total solar eclipse are advise to book early with companies like Aurora Nights, in order to ensure the best possible experience. 

About Aurora Nights: 

Aurora Nights is a company offering a select range of once in a lifetime Northern Lights holidays in Swedish Lapland and Iceland, with accommodation including the Ice Hotel. Aurora Nights is part of Weekend a la Carte, a family-run company with vast in-depth knowledge based on their extensive travels to the region of the Aurora Borealis and passionate about giving superb client service. Visit their site at: www.aurora-nights.co.uk/ 

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