May 9, 2013: Machine-processed food products, artificial flavors, fast food etc. seriously deteriorate the health of the human body. Natural food sources, however, are not detrimental to human health. Many people still rely on fast food and flavored food products. Consuming such foods will generate life-threatening toxins in the body, which will reduce lifespan. A complete natural detoxification can eliminate these toxins, burn fat and make one healthier.

Total Wellness Cleanse is a 30-day detoxification program. The Total Wellness Cleanse review in was posted by the website’s founder, Stefan Pylarinos, who partially completed the Total Wellness Cleansing program. “The primary reason why I decided to do it was that I could have more energy and the cleansing program resulted in added benefits,” says Stefan Pylarinos in the review.

The review mentions how the reviewer increased his energy levels, although he did only a 10-day detox in the 30-day cleansing program. The reviewer also said that he successfully got rid of his unhealthy eating habits, and lost about 5 pounds to toxins, waste and fat. According to the Total Wellness Cleanse review, even a 10-day detoxification can energize a person brightening the skin and elevating the mood. The reviewer explains that the 30-day program has two phases, namely, the 14-day cleansing phase and the remaining days for ‘maintenance of the body’.

According to the reviewer, one needs to follow a strict detox diet for complete and effective detoxification. The reviewer also states that a person should be 100% committed to changing his life, for the detox to be effective. The only drawback that the reviewer mentions in the review is the price. The reviewer, however, adds that the benefits far outweigh the expense. Stefan Pylarinos also recommends the Total Wellness Cleanse program to all those people who’ve been relying too much on fast food and junk food. Visit to read the Total Wellness Cleanse review and how the reviewer benefited from it.

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