10 January, 2014: There a re many things which students have to look after such as researching and writing papers, designing layouts, YouTube videos, Facebook and much more. Today if we will say that computers are the best friends of the college students then it would not be wrong. There is a huge availability of the computers today which may confuse the students such as tablets vs laptops. They both are unique in their own way and both of them are having plenty of features. The choice will mostly depend upon the preferences of the students.

Tablet or laptop

Each king of the computer is having their own downfall and perks, there is no one size that easily fits all. Laptops are already widely being used by the college students. They are non wireless, fast and do almost everything for the students. In contrast to tablets, laptops accept CDs, USB drives, DVDs and Ethernet cords, there are many types of accessories which can be used with them.

As compared to the tablet storage memory of the laptops are also high. There is a full keyboard that makes easy to type papers, while tablet is a touch screen and not everyone is comfortable with the touch screen. There are keyboards available with tablets, but for that you will have to pay extra charges.

The average laptop and tablet both are having high resolution and impressive battery. Laptops are lighter and slimmer as compared to the laptops. They are hefty and pretty. They are small that makes them portable. If typing fast is not your forte then, then tablets can be of great help.

It is very difficult to choose between the tablets and laptops as both of them are having their own advantages. Which are the best tablets vs laptops for college will depend upon the personal need of your computer.