Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center is not limited to rehabilitation therapies. The professionals at Touchstone Ranch also offer full medically-supervised detoxification services so that those who are suffering from addiction can begin recovery clean of drugs or alcohol.

Drug and alcohol addiction is difficult to battle, but unless the client is free of the substances at the time therapy begins, withdrawal can add even more complications. Withdrawal can include both physical and emotional pain and suffering and, in some cases, can even be dangerous for the client.

Therefore, Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center, located on the web at , offers full drug and alcohol detoxification services as seen at

When clients first arrive at Touchstone Ranch, they are given a full substance abuse assessment. If the results of this assessment indicate that the client needs detox services, an initial stay in the detox facility is scheduled.

Touchstone Ranch employs not only professional counselors to help with drug or alcohol addiction through methods such as equine therapy but also professional detox services managed by physicians, nurses and clinical staff. Whether patients need help managing withdrawal from narcotics or other types of drugs or substances, Touchstone has the program to help.

Touchstone has treatments for all types of addictions, including alcohol rehab as seen at

With the chance to work with alternative therapies such as equine therapy and other animal-based therapy models, clients are given the opportunity to recover in a unique setting using clinically researched methods.

Clients are also given the chance to recover and develop the skills they need to make the successful transition to sobriety.

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About Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center:

Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center offers full drug and alcohol addiction, rehabilitation and detoxification services. Clients at Touchstone enjoy not only professional rehabilitation services but also the beauty and enjoyment of equine therapy and other animal-based therapy modalities.

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