Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center, located on the web at , is a different type of addiction recovery facility. Unlike many facilities, Touchstone Ranch is located in a non-threatening setting in which clients can experience the best of both the physical benefits of fresh air and exercise as well as the support of professional addiction counselors. However, one of the most unique things about Touchstone Ranch is its equine therapy program. The chance to work with horses has been shown to greatly improve the clients' experience and help them recover more successfully than some other methods of treatment.

Touchstone focuses on important, research-supported therapy modalities such as dual diagnosis as seen at

The professionals at Touchstone have been able to achieve great success with all types of drug and alcohol addiction, as seen at

However, this facility is quickly becoming known as the premier location for equine therapy, a modality based on animal therapy research.

This unique treatment experience allows clients to end their addiction and begin recovery through the daily interactions with the horses and other animals. This helps residents learn about trust, communication, responsibility and boundaries. Certified equine therapists oversee the program and help residents apply the things they learn to their own lives.

With help from the horses, clients are able to enjoy recovery in a unique and vibrant setting at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center.

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About Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center:

Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center is a facility dedicated to assisting those with drug or alcohol addictions to recovery in a different type of environment. Surrounded by animals and assisted by professional counselors, those who visit Touchstone Ranch come away refreshed and ready to take on the responsibility of recovery.

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