It has been said that the undergraduate education system in United States has been commonly split into two major sections. The first is the 2 year program while the second is none other than the popular 4 year program. Many people are not aware of the fact that there are many colleges in the country that actually offers undergraduate programs to students.

Experts have indicated that there are over 100 colleges that mostly offer the 2 year undergraduate program. Most of these colleges go by the popular names of junior colleges or community colleges. It has been said that in most of the states, these junior or community colleges are operated by a division of either the state university or special districts that are controlled by the locality.

With the high level of competition in the market, it has been said that colleges students are constantly under pressure as to which major to choose. Contrary to popular belief, most of the existing college students have also revealed the fact that they no longer have the choice or the liberty to go for those majors that they love. With the tough competition in the job market, students are more concerned about getting a lucrative praying job rather than pursuing their heart. This explains the frantic search for some of the best college majors by most freshmen.

The economy has witnessed a major slide in the backward direction. The young today are acutely aware of this fact, considering the way their parents struggle to make ends meet. Putting all these together, most college going students have reportedly become more practical. Reliable web sites like Whats Your College Major thoroughly scans the present market and posts most preferable college majors in their web sites. It employs exerts to analyze the situation and present well research opinions.  For more information please visit

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