(Free Press Release) Travel in Germany is freedom. But sometimes, having complete freedom of choice, it's hard to choose by yourself the most interesting and convenient route. In these cases ready tourist roads may help. They cover more than 200 different themes of rest and ensure a holiday, full of priceless impressions!
You may go with children on the Road of Tales or with a Lady, on the Romantic Road, or with friends on the football way of Northen Reihn-Westfalen in Germany. The choice here is wide and sometimes very difficult.
Today there are about 200 specialized tourist routes in Germany, each of them includes the most interesting places and sightseeing attractions that reflect a particular theme in the most convenient format for travelers. Why do you need to search in the Internet city restaurants, if you can make a leisurely bike ride along the river on "Moselle wine road" and admiring the fabulous scenery, try the best wine directly at private wineries? Or you can rent a car and drive through the Deutsche road of castles, stopping at hotels of Sightsleeping format, located in the real castles and fortresses. The diversity of these thematic routes in Germany is really impressive ... You just have to make your choice!