Following the launch of Her Pow’s Organic Pretend Food Choices play set, customers have been posting positive reviews. The 125-piece miniature plastic food set is designed to teach kids about healthy eating. From a six-piece pizza pie to macaroni and cheese, to apples, to ice cream, it offers boys and girls hours of play. The set is suited for children three years old and up.

Customers have posted comments regarding how busy it kept their children. Young kids are even bringing it up when real food is being made, recognizing some of the healthier options. From canned foods to cake mixes, they are engaging in imaginative shopping trips and cooking. The positive feedback indicates children are really learning from the pretend set, even though it is only make believe.

The realistic-looking play foods and cartons feature sharp custom artwork. Kids can also learn from fun food fact labels. These explain the benefits of organic foods while the set includes all four food groups. It can even be mixed with other kitchen play sets. All the while, the toys are safe to throw around, although attempting to eat them is not recommended, as plastic can break teeth.

Items included in the set are red and green apples, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, bananas, carrots, and a whole miniature chicken. Eggs, strawberries, cucumber, French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, and juice cartons and condiments are included. Kids can also gain exposure to organic milk, French bread, crackers, potatoes, and ice cream cones and more. The set even has ears of corn, tomatoes, and crackers.

Suited for small children, the food toy play set is even used in preschools and doctors’ offices. Shipping weight is 1.9 pounds. It is available now on Amazon for purchase now, for just $29.99 so people can experience the benefits customers have already had.

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