India; 12, December 2015: The global online money transfer business is witnessing tough competitions because of the participation of various e-commerce platforms like Azimo, Western Union, Currency Fair and many more. With the help of these sites, people working in foreign countries can send a portion of their incomes to their families living in the native countries. But with the emergence of new players in this business, people now have the opportunity to compare and check the service charge of these money transferring sites before availing their services. But many times it is not possible to obtain the current service charge of such sites. In such scenario, they can refer to the platform of Transfer Guru. This site helps to compare the cost of money transfer of various commercial platforms.

Here exchange rate comparison of various countries is also possible and based on that comparison one can send the actual amount of money to their families and friends. Latest change in the value of service charge of different sites can also be easily obtained here. Reviews on the service standards of various money transfer sites are also accessible here. This site has made it easier for the people to acquire the trick of how to send money abroad through its detail information about the remittance costs. It is also providing 25 gift cards worth 10 pounds each for the customers who will post a review of the transfer providers in its platform.

Its exchange rate calculator can easily calculate the exact amount while transferring money from one nation to another nation. Customers just have to place their specific amounts in its webpage so as to get the accurate information on fee transfer comparison .It is essential that customers are aware of the latest money exchange comparison otherwise they would end up in sending less money to their loved ones. People who have migrated to other countries of the world have found this site quite useful. It provides latest money transfer rates of various countries within short period of time.

The site also provides information on some of the best international money transfer sites that will provide world class services to the customers. Various money transfer companies are using this site as the ultimate guiding tool while fixing the service charge for sending money abroad. It is the ideal platform to study the money transfer rates without any technical error. It serves as a global medium to connect people across the world with full compare money transfer services information.

About Transfer Guru:

Transfer Guru is an online platform from where users can obtain full information on the cost of money transfer services that are offered by various sites. All the information provided here are accurate and latest change in exchange rates are posted here immediately. For information viewers can visit this platform.