(Free Press Release) Robyn Pellei is the stay-at-home mother of nine children who founded a successful family lifestyle products company with international distribution by finding ways to make life easier for Moms and families. She teamed up with Louis Foreman from Enventys to share some tips with business executives from the Carolinas Chapter of The Product Development and Management Association.

Charlotte, NC - September 20,2010 -- Robyn Pellei, CEO of ViveVita, teamed up with Louis Foreman from Enventys and Everyday Edisons on September 16, 2010 to address The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Carolinas Chapter.The topic was “Transforming a BIG Idea into a Real Product”. There was a full house of local and regional business executives and marketing teams, with the largest congregation to date at the Enventys headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Louis discussed how Enventys uses their expertise in ´enabling innovation‘ through product design, branding, and interactive development.Robyn presented the process of invention and taking a product to market.Reviews from attendees ranged from excellent to rave.

Robyn‘s company, ViveVita,llc , creates innovative solutions for everyday lifestyle challenges.The company makes Bandette Sippy Cup Labels, Bandle Baby Bottle Labels, and Gripsterz StayAlong, a child leash alternative character handle and walking rope.Her company is also releasing five new products next month at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, NV. The company has found international success by helping Moms solve everyday problems with style and flair.

Robyn Pellei wears many hats.In addition to being CEO of ViveVita, she is also a former ER nurse, with a degree as a Nurse Practitioner; she is a stay-at-home Mom of 9 children, ages 1 -10 years, and their home-school teacher; she active in Church, teaching First Grade Faith Formation; she is a soccer Mom and a ballroom dancer.

About ViveVita
ViveVita, roughly translating to "living life,” is a consumer products company that creates innovative lifestyle products to solve real problems experienced in the home. Founded in 2004 by Robyn Pellei, an entrepreneur and mother of nine, ViveVita's product lines currently include Bandette Sippy Cup Labels, Bandle Baby Bottle Labels and Gripsterz, a fun alternative to a child leash. ViveVita products combine everyday function with flair and personality to suit the needs of both parents and children. For further information on ViveVita, visit www.vivevita.com

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