Needless to say, Portugal is one of the best countries to live in Europe. A lot of people from UK travel to Portugal or move there and they make use of reliable transport services when doing so. It is wise to seek well-reviewed transport to Portugal services when you are ready to relocate. Service providers in the international removals sector offer people adequate support and guarantee total safety of goods on transit. So if you want to meet awesome transport Portugal companies, start your search online here.


Selecting the top transport to Portugal contractor is not all you must do now. It will be necessary to think about your kids too. Once they arrive in Algarve, they will need to join school. Will they attend a state school or a private one? Registration for school in state facilities happens in fifteenth of July every year. So it will be necessary to call the Regional Education Authority to see if your kids can be enrolled outside the actual registration date.


Do not wait until time to relocate comes. Find out if your kids will be accepted in schools once they arrive before the day of the transport Portugal service comes. Now you can do most things online. So you have no excuse. If kids don’t speak the Portuguese language, you should organize how they will receive support in their new school.  Alternatively, choose Algarve international schools for your children. There are many of them and having Portuguese speaking skills is not a must.


What if you have a kid who has just finished high school? Should you leave him or her studying in the UK? That’s a good option but you may not afford it. There are many educational or work options that your child could benefit from, including the highest ranking University of Porto. Others include the University of Coimbra, University of Lisbon and Universidade Nova De Catolica Portuguesa Lisboa among others. Your child can study and pay lower fees than they would in the UK, of course. There are even universities that ask for less than one thousand Euros every year. If not, there is also the option of finding a job, a place to fit in the system and begin a new life.


After your transport to Portugal trip comes to an end, you will immediately want to drive around. If you have your own vehicle, you can continue to use your current driver’s license. If you own an international license, it is acceptable too. However, if you want to live in Algarve for a long time, you should get a Portuguese driving license. Apply for it through the Ministry of Transport.  To get this license, ensure that you bring your UK-based driver’s license and passport or ID card. Then fill an application form. When you get a license, always follow the country’s driving rules. The speed limit allowed is 130 kilometers per hour on motorways. On built-up areas and rural highways, the allowed speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour.


Once you arrive in Algarve, you will realize that you are not the only foreigner. There will be other expatriates in your area who will keep you company. More emigrant communities are easy to find online too. So your new life, after your transport Portugal contractor delivers your personal belongings, is promising.


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