An American blog dedicated to matters involving older and senior citizens recently reported on the fact that acquiring travel insurance for family groups is not only useful when there are small children involved, but can in fact help cover elderly parents and other senior-aged relatives.

Most family-orientated holidaymakers will be aware that travelling with older relatives, such as parents or grandparents, brings about an entirely different but no less important or relevant set of issues than taking holidays with small children. The risk of accidents and medical emergencies is, in fact, arguably higher when the party includes older members, as they tend to be even physically fragile than children. Add to this the high probability of pre-existing medical conditions, and it becomes apparent why it is so important to take out travel insurance when travelling with the elderly, and how contracting travel insurance for family groups can help the older members as well as the youngest.

According to the blog in question, written by a woman who frequently travels with her elderly mother, travel insurance is, however, not the only precaution needed when embarking on trips with senior citizens. Pains must be taken to ensure the location is also adequate for a holiday with an older person, and in certain cases it is also important to check if the facilities at the hotel or airport are wheelchair accessible or can accommodate people with special needs. Generally, the more developed the country, the more likely it is that such amenities will be readily available, although they may be present in some far-flung locations as well.

Holidaymakers travelling with elderly relatives should also be careful to slow down the pace of the holiday to accommodate the senior members of their party, the blogger adds. Elderly citizens are far more likely to need frequent rest and a slower pace than someone in the prime of their life — an area where, again, they have something in common with children.

Finally, according to the author of the piece, it is important that those travelling with elderly relatives remember to pack all the necessary medicines, emergency numbers and any other special aids the older members of the party may feel the need for during the holiday.

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