Treating back pain once and for all can only be done if you find the root of the problem and eliminate it. And very often, the real problem is found in really surprising places. Robert Clickner is a chiropractor Charlottesville whose treatments are designed to identify the cause of any type of pain. By working on those specific areas, the pain will never come back again!
The location of the pain is not usually where the real problem is. This is not something that you would expect to hear from a chiropractor Charlottesville, right? Everyone is absolutely convinced that the area that hurts is the one that is the most troubled. However, as Robert Clickner sustains, the body does not work that way. It is in fact designed to compensate for injured areas. This means that the areas of the body that are in pain are given a break by another area of the body. And since that part of the body that is taking more responsibilities than it can normally take, it will finally get tired. For this reason, threating only the area that is in pain will be a good solution, but it will be only temporary. However, when finding the root of the problem, it is possible to treat the pain even if you are not even touching the painful area at all!
Robert Clickner is a chiropractor Charlottesville that has been specializing in alternative medicine for the past 15 years. He first started as an acupuncture specialist in New Mexico, but soon after graduating he decided to learn more and therefore started practicing martial arts and learning Chinese medicine in Tucson. As that was not enough, Robert Clickner continued to add bodywork skills and started practicing internal medicine. But he is not only helpful to his patients nowadays. Even more, Robert Clickner gives lectures and demonstrations periodically to students that want to become curers just like him.
The wide experience of Robert Clickner has made him second to none when it comes to back pain Charlottesville. By working to find the cause of every health problem, he manages to cure any kind of pain. No matter how unlikely this seems, back pain is generally caused by tension in the front side of the body. This is called the “bowstring” effect. Any kind of direct impact in the front side of the body can cause abnormal tension. It may be because of an accident, a direct hit or a fall. The most important thing is to find a body worker that is familiar with treating this kind of pain. Robert Clickner is a chiropractor Charlottesville who can help you in these situations. Your pain will never come back once you treat it right!
Are you searching for an experienced chiropractor Charlottesville? Robert Clickner does not only specialize in back pain Charlottesville, but in many other conditions, such as: neurological problems, digestive trouble, women’s health issues, skin care, cardiac diseases or mental and emotional disorders.