Life coaching is taking a new direction and it spells good news for the younger crowd. They now have a fair shot at life coaching as a career as more and more clients are giving younger life coaches the same opportunity and trust that elder coaches receive. As a result, people in their twenties and thirties are signing up for life coaching courses and at an early age, they are ready to carve a niche in a field that was once dominated by people with many years of existence and experience.

What makes young life coaches effective? Perhaps it’s their connection to the modern world. The ability to see solutions that are apt in today’s fast-paced environment. Various concerns are thrown at a life coach during a session and many clients believe that the coach’s age has very little to do about expertise in many issues, say, what to wear during a job interview or how to make a long-distance relationship work. Additionally, there are areas where being able to relate matters more than giving advice.

The demand for qualified life coaches has reached the academe and several institutions such as the International Career Institute (ICI) developed life coaching programs as a response to this. ICI ‘s Life Coaching Diploma is designed for people with or without life coaching experience. Created with industry experts, ICI ensures that these programs are comprehensive and straightforward so you can start your life coaching career immediately. No previous education or work experience required to enroll.

The Institute believes that with ample training, even high school graduates can become effective life coaches. Of course, certain qualities must be inherent or developed for a life coach to succeed. While age is not an issue, the coach’s listening skills, patience and sense of empathy are significant. He or she must be able to deal with people from various walks of life and be able to bring out the best in a person. It helps to have a good sense of humor too but still within the boundaries of professionalism.

Life coaching is all set for growth in the coming years so if you have the passion for this kind of job, don’t let age or the lack of experience in life hold you back from pursuing this career. Likewise, if being younger than your client affects your confidence, try holding sessions through phone or Skype. There are many avenues for life coaches today and you just need to explore these. For more information about life coaching or inquire about ICI’s Life Coaching Certificate and Diploma programs, visit