United States of America, 02/15/2013; Photography is a passion for many where some are highly skilled and take images which many people might doubt to be photoshoped. Although these pictures would be real, many would find it hard to believe that it was a real photograph. Not all the photographers have the ability to take such pictures, but one product which is offered by trick photography can help in taking great pictures. The site provides an excellent ebook named as the Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd Edition eBook that could do wonders for a photograph. The eBook has been prepared by some of the experts from the world of photography and is of about 295 pages. It acts as an instructional book which also comes equipped with 9 hours of how to videos and tutorials. This makes the learning process quite simpler for every user trying to learn the art of photo taking. 

Reading into the book would provide more than 300 examples from photographic art from across the world. So with this guide people can learn the skills of creating their own digital art and photograph. People would no longer be required to wait for years to go through commercial art training. When people go through the book they would find it divided into 3 parts which starts of from learning painting with light and long exposures. It moves on to trick photography and special effects. Lastly it provides chips with Photoshop projects. The basic aim of the 1st two projects are designed for exposing the reader to the ways of using the lighting and camera exposure settings for getting the best results for the pictures taken. There are several other tips which cover the use of Photoshop is designed in a manner to help the readers for using the software to create a digital art. 

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