Tours to Europe are becoming increasingly popular, especially for the diversity that each and every country in the continent has to offer. While a trip to London gives you a feel of what a true cosmopolitan city is like, Prague tours are like eye openers to the sights and sounds of Eastern Europe. In this article we will try to include the best of the both the worlds and give you a feel of what you can expect from a tour to Europe which will include a stay in both London and Prague. Culture and heritage, food and shopping, people and their customs — get to know all that you need to have a clear idea about before you pack your bags and fly off.

Trip to London

Shopper’s paradise, a dream destination for fashion enthusiasts, haven for art and history lovers — trip to London is the best that an international traveller to Europe can expect to experience. Go back in time with a visit to the Buckingham Palace and get to know all that you need to know about the British Royal Family. And, don’t forget to wait for the Changing of Guard ceremony. The House if Parliaments is a must visit as well. If architecture is what pleases your senses then the St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye are definitely to be included in the itinerary.

And if you wish to meet the true-to-life wax creations of famous celebrities around the world then your London tour must definitely be inclusive of Madame Tussaud. Shopping is best done at the Oxford street for the extravagant ones and if you wish to go easy on your pockets then there is Harrods, the famous department store that keeps almost everything that you can hope to buy with money. For wildlife and nature lovers a trip to London will include places like St James’s Park, the London Zoo and the Kew Gardens. The shopping destinations will also include a plethora of restaurants where you can please your taste buds as much as you like.

Prague Tours

Prague is almost synonymous with the fashion capital of the world along with Paris. The capital of Czech Republic, Prague makes for a great trip where you can shop, eat, drink and have loads of fun. It’s not just any tourist destination, Prague is different and you need to walk the streets of the city to feel these words. As you visit the famous sights like the Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, the Prague castle and the St Vitus Cathedral, you will understand what the city is all about. Prague tours need to include a walking tour along the Vitava River. The Sea World is also a great destination to stop by. History lovers can take a trip to the Museum of Communism and the Jewish Museum to learn more about the culture and heritage of the capital city.

Get ready to experience the best of both the worlds in your next Europe tour by including a trip to London and Prague tours in your itinerary. The above mentioned information should be able to guide you through.

The trip to London and Prague tours give you a glimpse into two of the most diverse cities in Europe.