Bill Trott, from Bills Pest & Termite Control, is warning customers in his service area about tropical bed bugs. These bugs tend to harbor in warm, humid areas. After a 60 year hiatus, there has been a confirmed tropical bed bug sighting in Florida.

Travelers are at an increased risk for spreading these bugs to other parts of the country.

Bill Trott reports, "Tropical Bed Bugs were the dominate species in Asia, Africa, and South America while common bed bugs were found throughout the U.S. It takes an experienced bed bug exterminator to detect the subtle differences in these public health menaces."

The last time tropical bed bugs were seen in this country was in the early 1940’s. Scientists have discovered what they believe to be the reemergence of the once plaguing pest.

The first case was in a home in Brevard County. The homeowners called the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences to research their findings. While this is only the first sighting, researchers believe this is not an isolated incident.

Many people travel to Florida each year for vacation. Even those from Phoenix make their way to see that famous mouse and the tranquil beaches. However, a vacation this year could leave travelers bringing home more than memories.

The conditions are right in this Southern state to help spread this tropical bed bug. People are traveling and could be moving these bugs from state to state.

The tropical bed bug, like their cousins, feed on human blood. A bite from either species can cause itchy, rash-like reactions along with psychological distress.

State officials in Florida are urging homeowners to report any bed bug sightings that fit the criteria for this tropical bug. They are urging customers to send their bugs to the University of Florida in Gainesville for further identification.

Though these bugs have not been spotted in Arizona, it is just a matter of time before they could arrive.

As a pest control specialist, Mr. Trott wants customers to know that to reduce the risk of an infestation, they should reduce the clutter in their home. If they see any bed bugs at all, they should have them treated and evaluated by an expert.

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They urge customers to call about bed bug problems. These are not do-it-yourself projects. When dealing with bed bugs, it requires professional intervention.

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