Daly City, California (November 2015)
Tru Belleza Face Cream is a one-of-a-kind anti-aging formula that helps the skin clears out ageing signs and other skin imperfections.

Because of aging, women are so vain when its comes to pampering the skin. But of tons of skin care product selections, it's a bit confusing which ones are better and which ones are really best for each distinct type of skin. Since skin is prone to damage, ageing, and other skin imperfection problems, it requires proper and gentle care. As delicate as it is, it very important to use a skin care product that is safe, gentle and hypoallergenic.

Tru Belleza face cream is the recently highly endorsed and consistently featured in popular media and magazines in US like cosmo, USA Today, NBC, HSN and more,  due its remarkable anti-aging treatment for the skin, that despite having an intensive age-defying formula, it guarantees its safeness and gentleness qualities, and not triggering the skin with allergic reactions and any manifestations of side effects upon regular application.

With its potent and extensive formulation of clinically-proven natural and skin-nourishing ingredients, Tru Belleza is capable for providing the skin with all these phenomenal benefits;

Eradicates fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces dark circles appearance
Improves eye puffiness
Tightens and smoothens skin
Guards skin from stress and external factors
Promotes healthy and nourished skin

Tru Belleza face cream  effectiveness has been proven not only because it is produced with premium quality features but also been verified with the results of the recent survey conducted of the women users who have tested and experiences the delightfulness of Tru Belleza;

Enhanced skin texture by 45%, Decrease in eye puffiness by 31% and Reduced under-eye dark circles by 35%.

As to its availability, Tru Belleza is now accessible for grabs exclusively online, through its official website only. By visiting through the page, further facts and details, special offers can also be seen.

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