United Kingdom; 10, August 2015: People often end up spending above their budget limit due to unavoidable reasons. The need for finance to settle short term needs may arise sooner or later. Funding a short trip, occasion or purchasing something could be a priority. True Blue Loan is offering loans over three, five and six months with loan amount starting from £ 100. There is a basic lending criterion to check and ensure timely repayments. It is a company started off by four individuals with years of working experience in the financial sector. Emphasis is given to abide by the rules and regulations of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Different people seek short term loans to cater to their specific financial needs. Repayments terms and rates also vary based loan type. No additional charges are incurred apart from daily interest unless the loan remains overdue. The company also conducts credit check which is a prime responsibility as a responsible lender. With a system allowing regular payments and no early repayment penalties, borrowers can start off with a convenient term. During automated decision making procedure, if an application isn’t accepted, efforts go into helping locate an alternative lender. The applicant is under no obligation to proceed and no charges are levied for such introduction.

As a short term lender, Trueblue loan is regulated by FCA which imposes restriction on loan repayments. However, unlike high street banks and big money lenders, less emphasis is placed on past credit performance. Greater emphasis is placed on the status and management of finances in the present while processing loan applications. Salary and wages must be paid into account directly by employer on monthly basis. Borrowers who have defaulted on loans previously but managing their finances well in present times will be considered.

Among the lending criteria, one of them should be a permanent UK citizen with a job. True Blue Loan aims to provide a level of service which mixes the essential elements related with short term borrowing. Whenever an account payment is missed and there remains an extra work to be done, the essential costs need to be covered. There may be some limit imposed upon short term lending as affordability factors and total cost of credit.

Trueblueloan.co.ukis an initiative of Field Works Ltd which is officially registered in England and Wales. It has a well trained, experienced and friendly staff that’d look after the loan application process. It tries to make sure the vulnerable customers are protected in the application stage itself. However, a prior discussion is a must to consider special circumstances for resolving any issue.

About True Blue Loan:

True Blue Loan is a short term lender managed by a team of four professionals. Each and every customer is treated with respect, care and attention abided by FCA rules and regulations. Visit the website for more information on loan offerings, terms conditions and repayment policies.

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