United Kingdom; 25, July 2015: One of the country’s leading providers of short term loans has announced a major relocation. The move comes thanks to a boost in business experienced during the last two years. On 17th July, the company moved to Bury St Edmunds due to their continued expansion. They also needed larger offices. During the last few years, the owner of that firm has created more than one hundred jobs in the Bury St. Edmunds area. It is hoped the recent relocation will help to open up a new pool of talent in Bury St Edmunds. With a bit of luck, the organisation will bring the same benefits to the local community.

True Blue Loans is renowned for being the most responsible lenders in the marketplace. That is because they offer a better service than other short term loan companies. Where you would usually get thirty days to pay the money back, this firm allows you to make repayments for as long as six months. That makes the deal more affordable and less of a hassle for most people. No matter what happens, you pay the same amount every month. That means it is much easier to organise your budget.

Another advantage consumers will experience when borrowing from True Blue relates to early repayments. Other providers might charge you a fee for giving them the cash back quickly. This company does not. They even offer loyalty discounts to borrowers who use the service frequently. So, you could end up with much better rates of interest if you always use their service.

True Blue Loans is UK owned and operated. So, you should never have to speak with call centre staff from other countries. Those of you who might have trouble with repayments just need to get in touch with the team. They are 100% committed to ensuring you don’t end up in trouble. They will work with you to come to an arrangement to suits both sides. That is why more people are choosing this company every single day.

Anyone who would like to know more can visit the True Blue website. Take a look around, read the FAQs, and see if the deals are right for you. It can be hard to obtain funding through alternative means. That is especially the case if you already have debts. The bank won’t touch you, and so this firm provides a much-needed lifeline. They follow all the rules and always strive to exceed standard regulations. Want to know more? Get in touch with them today!

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Bury St. Edmunds
IP32 7AR, United Kingdom
01284 724651
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