Melbourne, Australia -  TSSM is the number one source for quality VCE tuition. The company curates specialist programmes that give pupils and teachers the resources they need. TSSM's goal is to ensure all students get given the opportunity to excel in their studies.

How does TSSM help VCE students?

Pupils can enjoy a wealth of benefits when using TSSM. For example, one welcome benefit is the fact all class sizes are small. The problem with large classes is that students seldom learn all they need to know. That's because there can be a lot of distractions in the class.

Another benefit of TSSM is that they only use qualified VCE teachers. In fact, those same people also mark the official VCAA examinations. Students also enjoy access to a wealth of comprehensive study materials. They can also learn in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of TSSM is that there is a personalised focus on each student. That means all VCE students have the chance to realise their full potential.

Small, Interactive Classes

Everyone knows that smaller class sizes enable students to learn better than in a large group. TSSM recognise that fact, and that's why all pupils studying for the VCE get the focus they deserve.

Children are capable of soaking in all kinds of new information as they grow up. It's crucial for the development of any child that they interact with dedicated teachers. TSSM also use only qualified VCE teachers.

But, just how good are those smaller, interactive classes? The following survey results for 2014 speak for themselves:

●    39.62% scored an ATAR of 90 or more;
●    22.64% scored 95 or more.
Learning in a focused environment encourages children to be more self-confident. It's that confidence boost that helps them discover their abilities. They also get to learn skills such as improved study habits and problem-solving.

A broad range of subjects

At TSSM, there aren't just one or two topics that VCE students can study. The tuition provider offers a wealth of topics; examples include:

●    Accounting;
●    Business Management;
●    English Language;
●    Food and Technology;
●    Mathematical Methods;
●    Physics; and
●    Specialist Mathematics.

In fact, that's just a small sample of what TSSM have to offer. Take a look at to see the full list.

TSSM's teachers

The firm works hard to source only the best VCE teachers around. Each one is a specialist in their chosen subject and go through a detailed interview process. They must also have a good track record, and come recommended by their peers and students.

TSSM's VCE teachers are all qualified in what they do, and many of them are current VCE assessors.

About TSSM

Based in Melbourne, TSSM is the leading provider of VCE tuition. They only use qualified VCE tutors, and many students get an ATAR of 90 or more.
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