August 28, 2015, New York, United States- TSU is unlike any other social networking website users may have come across. As a matter of fact, it’s a unique concept that is expected to take the whole social networking industry by storm. It is a fun place to meet and greet people and get paid at the same time.

One of the great features of this new site is that it provides users with a unique opportunity to meet and greet, and socialize with celebrities. Besides this, it has a menu bar “Search For People That Are Online Now,” which allows users to search only for those individuals who are currently online. What makes this site quite unique is that it is presenting worldwide social media users with an opportunity to earn while they make new friends and create interesting content. The site is totally free, and anybody can register with it and start earning.

Moreover, users can invite others to join them, and together they can create fun and interesting content and earn a decent income from this site. The company shares 90% of its profit with its free members, which is not the case with other popular sites like Facebook.

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About TSU
TSU is an invite-only platform that rewards social activity for all users, where they can share photos, videos, and any type of content with their friends and followers.

Company Name: TSU
Contact Person: Jarl Borg
Phone: 9999999999
Email: [email protected]