A new service from TumLuv.com allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to purchase followers for their Tumblr accounts. Tumblr is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. Establishing a presence on Tumblr and other social media sites is considered vital to expanding the customer base of businesses. Tum Luv is now providing an inexpensive means of building followers to enhance the brand of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Studies have shown that building followers for social media accounts, including Tumblr, can be difficult if the account has few followers at the start. In essence, for a Tumblr account to take off, it already needs a substantial presence of followers. Without outside support, building up followers can be quite difficult. However, Tum Luv provides packages of Tumblr followers designed to jump start an account, allowing small businesses and entrepreneurs a means to build a customer base while spending relatively little in the way of money.

Tum Luv offers four packages of followers for Tumblr accounts, each with a money back guarantee if not satisfied.

- Popular: 150 followers for $14.95
- Famous: 400 followers for $24.95
- Celebrity: 600 followers for $34.95
- Viral: 800 followers for $44.95

Each of these packages is a safe and effective means of attracting and building up new followers. Plus, they are delivered within four, five, six or seven business days respectively. For those who are interested in jump starting their Tumblr accounts with new followers or would like to visit a Tumblr news blog , visit Tum Luv.

Seamus Smith
Tum Luv
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