Orlando, FL— December 17, 2015 — Sciatica is a condition that is caused by herniated discs. It can also result from the narrowing of the spinal column or inflammation of the soft tissues. It causes pain and hinders sufferers from doing their daily routines. The good news is that there are natural methods sufferers can use to fight the condition.

Turmeric is a popular natural remedy for sciatica. This condition often affects one side or both sides, and results in weakness and numbness in the joints and muscles. Nerve damage can result from long term compression so it is best that sufferers take preventive measures before it takes place.

“Turmeric is an ancient, medicinal spice that contains curcumin, which is a phytochemical popularized by its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is a natural remedy used to fight a variety of pains and inflammation. Turmeric is often added into a glass of hot milk, which is consumed twice a day. Noticeable improvements usually happen very shortly.

According to individuals who used turmeric, the natural remedy has helped them achieve relief from pain and inflammation from sciatica and lower back pain. It is believed that the spice, through its anti-inflammatory properties, has the ability to reduce levels of enzymes that are responsible for inflammation inside the body.

Turmeric can be consumed in a powder form or through capsules. Curcumin supplements are widely available nowadays, and are used by many individuals who suffer from arthritis pain and inflammation. According to sufferers, turmeric has helped them achieve significant pain relief and improved mobility. It is also important to note that the therapeutic benefits of curcumin have been a subject of many studies for the past years.

Experts recommend a dose of 300mg of curcumin capsules thrice in a day to achieve relief from pain and inflammation. Turmeric is believed to be particularly helpful for sciatica pain caused by muscle spasms or tense muscles. This natural remedy also works best when combined with other treatment methods such as ice or heat therapy and strengthening exercises.

While curcumin is popularized by the therapeutic properties it contains, it nonetheless has low bioavailabiity. This means its absorption inside the body is limited. It is believed that curcumin is best taken with any bioavailability enhancing ingredient, which includes BioPerine. This is a black pepper extract that can help increase curcumin absorption inside the body (amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Complex-BioPerine-Bio-availability/dp/B00JA4TLTI).
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