Social Media Luv is now offering a service to provide online businesses a means to increase the number of Twitter followers to their accounts. Purchasing Twitter followers is a proven means of gaining new followers for Twitter accounts. Social Media Luv offers three packages of Twitter followers for their customers.

Studies have shown that many people are reluctant to follow Twitter accounts, particularly those from small businesses, unless others are following them as well. For online businesses with limited funds, this can be a very difficult problem to overcome. Social Media Luv offers three packages of Twitter followers to jump start the Twitter accounts of small businesses as well as individuals or groups looking to increase their own popularity.

- Come Here Birdie: 5,000 Twitter followers for $19.95
- Follow Me Birdie: 10,000 Twitter followers for $24.95
- Go Birdie, Go: 15,000 Twitter followers for $29.95

Each package is delivered within seven, eight or ten business days respectively. Furthermore, if the customer is not satisfied with the package, it is covered under a full money back guarantee. For those on a limited budget, the purchase of Twitter followers is an inexpensive means of generating new followers for Twitter accounts. New followers can become part of the marketing efforts of online businesses.

Social Media Luv can also customize the exact number of followers that are purchased to make a more natural looking number. For more information about how to buy more twitter followers from Social Media Luv, visit their website.

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